Arrive to new planets

People skills and empathetic. With her abilities: leadership, powerful business and marketing mindset and strategic approach , will be able to conquer your market.

Anna is a passionate entrepreneur and a travel lover from Barcelona, living and expanding her International career in the Indonesia island of Bali. She is joyful and positive, always willing to help you.

She has eight years of experience leading part of the digital brand transformation, especially in Content Marketing Strategy and Digital Management for brands such as Audi, Affinity, Aldi, EAE Business School, Sitges City Hall, El Nacional Barcelona or Ramon Roqueta winery and other projects around Europe, Australia and the UK.

She is now living a slow life, developing a sustainable project in the tropic, an eco-conscious brand, Lima Apparel, while working for other brands in the digital workspace.


Contemplate other universes

Aware of the latest trends in branding and graphics design. With her distinguished artistic soul, she will create your brand's unique universe.

Sandra is an hyperactive woman flying around her dreams. Riding, hiking, and enjoying the outdoors everytime she can to find new colour inspiration. Her energy becomes a rhythm in her illustrations, paints and photos. Colours and spontaneous shapes. She’s a passionate girl, a Design lover and a Hip-Hop and a R&B music fan.

Also, she has reached more than seven years of experience, working in Digital and Creative Agencies. And for well-known brands, developing their Brand Strategy and increasing their notoriety. Also, she knows how to interpret Data insights to build the right Marketing Strategy for each brand. She had the opportunity to be part of the beginnings of the start app Badi, and create the Visual Identity for them. It was during that time, when the team won The App Date (Best Start App of Spain, 2015).

She has been working for brands like Nespresso, Decathlon or VidaCaixa, and automotive brands like Peugeot, KIA, Volswagen, Renault. She has been living in London for two years, and working for the International Tech company Taboola has Creative Account Manager for the Spanish Market. But, her special talent remains to identify and create an unic conceptual style. In parallel, she has been collaborating with spanish agencies as Firma, Folch Studio or Plateselector as Photographer and Writer, just to enjoy her passions.

As a good Sagittarius, she’s a free spirit and she remembers important things. She believes in hope, is a protector and an adventure looking for her home. During her years in London, she discovered her real style: urban art, and the 90’s hip-hop that were meeting skaters rappers in the streets.


Discover new galaxies

A perfect balance between creativity, innovation and technology. With an impressive UX and UI knowledge she will develop new unexplored galaxies for your brand.

Sofia is sensitive and creative, she spreads talent in whatever she does. From Asturias, where she lives her childhood to Barcelona, where she studied and learnt about her true passions, she is a multidisciplinary creative.

She is an expert in graphic design and UX/UI and also a handcrafts lover. From lettering, to tattoos to playing the guitar or cooking, she is always getting inspired from what surrounds her.

She is kind and empathetic, reliable and detailed, hard worker and perfectionist, something you can definitely see in all her works.

She has experience with brands such as 7Up, Decathlon, Alvalle, Mountain Dew, Estrella Damm, Segura Viudas and Freixenet. With more than 7 years under the belt, she is eager to keep learning and expanding new horizons with her lifetime passion, visual art.