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Attract More Traffic. Increase Your Leads. Encourage More Sales While Building Equality To The Digital Workspace.

Our clients are at the center of our universe. Here’s some mindful leaders and market disruptors that trusted us:

We have a secret formula

The Musse is not a traditional agency. Neither are we a freelance platform. As a collective, we have handpicked some of the best Marketing freelancers from across the world to create a bold, women-led team of creative minds under a non gender, race or origin discrimination umbrella.

Less is more

We have a virtual team, reducing our yearly costs and therefore, your fees. No need to fund our coffee machine or expensive office.

Personal touch

To a big agency, you’re a low priority. With us, you’re assigned a team of personable professionals who stick with you from launch to landing.

Expert Freelancer

We’ve selected the best, so you don’t have to. Let us curate the perfect team of experts for your unique project.

International Talent

Why stay local when you could go universal? Gain value from the minds of our talented international team.

Creative Flexibility

Creativity comes first. Don’t see your requirements listed on our website? Just ask – we love a challenge!

Woman-led team

We empower women in the digital and tech industry and therefore we are a 90% women based team. By helping each other achieve independence and greatness, we’re working towards equality.

Rocket-launch your way to marketing success.

Are you a small business, startup or fast growing company? Our agile network of digital enthusiasts is ready to help you break through the noise.


Marketing Strategy

Make the biggest possible impacts with your unique resources.


First Class Design

Consistent, bold and long-lasting aesthetics for your brand.


Content Creation & AI

Business growth through detail-oriented social strategy and content. Implement AI in your business easily and successfully.

seo (2)

SEO and SEM Strategy

Higher rankings, stronger online presence and more traffic to your site.



Elevated authority and improved consumer perception.


Marketing Management

Manage your team on a monthly basis by an exclusive manager with knowledge in your industry.

Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll help you find the perfect team.

The Musse method

Anna Espina


We’ve seen it all, so we know how to do it better.

The Musse Collective is the product of one entrepreneur’s 10+ years of experience working with Marketing and Advertising agencies in Australia, Europe and LATAM.

We said goodbye to rigid packages, impersonal agencies and a ‘one size fits all’ method to marketing. Propelled by the belief that marketing can be more creative, more personalized, fair and affordable, we have set out to implement a service that puts people at its core. Plus, our collective gives opportunities to women, working towards a more fair business world.

Here’s to the future of marketing; one where quality and equality are always a given.

The talent in our orbit

Here with a marketing query? We can curate a unique team for you. The Musse Collective is a team of highly adept:

Digital Marketing Strategists

Marketing Managers

Content Creators

Art Directors


Motion Graphics Expert




Account Managers

Paid Media Specialists


Find your place in the vast cosmos of the internet, with a specialized team from The Musse Collective.

What keeps our planet spinning

The Musse Collective is built upon a set of strong non-negotiable values.


Conscious actions for the protection of our planet. 


Contributing to a flourishing society through better decisions.

Female Empowerment

Opportunities for women in a world where there’s more work to do.

Mental Health

Human-first work for happy, healthy and satisfied employees.


Reducing barriers to work through flexible conditions and global teams.

We are willing to work and willing to create

Ready to take off?

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